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European Patent

European Patent

European Patent

The European Patent Convention provides an autonomous legal system for the granting of European patents via a single, harmonised procedure before the EPO.

The Organisation currently has 39 member states, comprising all the member states of the European Union together with Albania, North Macedonia, Iceland, Liechtenstein, Monaco, Montenegro, Norway, San Marino, Serbia, Switzerland and Turkey.

A European patent shall, in each of the contracting states for which it is granted, have the effect of and be subject to the same conditions as a national patent granted by that state.

The deadline for validation is 3 months from the date of grant. Each contracting state has their own requirements for validation which may include translation of the full specification or just the claims into the national language.

Under the European Patent Convention (EPC), patents are granted for inventions that fulfil the following requirements:
Inventive step
Industrially applicability.

Euro-PCT is the term for the European Regional Phase entry of an International patent application (PCT) at the European Patent Office (EPO), which is the most preferred route of filing.

Filing requirements for Euro-PCT application

1. Identification of the application documents on which the European grant procedure is to be based.
2. Translation of specification, claims, abstract and drawings into English (if applicable).
2. Full information regarding PCT application.
3. Power of Attorney.

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